Cathy is truly gifted

Hi everyone., My name is Stephanie.
I come to you today because, like everybody else, I have my share of problems to solve and burdens to carry. Most of these I’ve carried from a younger age with incidents that back then seemed insignificant, or traumas I encountered throughout my life. The list is long, trust me! I came to Cathy weak, scared, lost and deeply hurt. Her beautiful and genuine aura helped me trust her and I started opening up. Each session held its load of challenges. She guided me as we went deeper in the traumas which made the healing so liberating, so empowering and at the end of each session, I left stronger, calmer, in control and capable of facing my obstacles. Cathy has been a tremendous help in my healing journey, in outdoing the wrongs, on admitting my own, in finding inner peace, in letting go and in leading a healthier life with a healthier mindset and a healthier body. I consider her today far more than an amazing therapist, an older sister, a guardian angel. I was blessed our paths crossed and will continue forging my way as healing is a continuous process and challenge. I strongly encourage everyone to take that first step, the scariest, and the rest will naturally unfold.

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