Hypnotherapy healed me

I was hesitant to try hypnosis but Cathy directly put me at ease – she listened, understood the issues I wanted to work on and even spotted throughout our discussions other working points I did not even realize were affecting my day to day. I started seeing Cathy to work on my relationship with food, body image and self confidence – the result and improvement was immediate and I felt a sense of freedom and calm, a complete detachment of people’s opinions and comments. We also worked on public speaking skills and concentration – my colleagues even noticed my improvement on that level. It is impressive how hypnosis can heal and help us deal with issues we’ve been struggling with for so long and which we’ve been trying to overcome through therapy for years, in just one or two sessions. I strongly recommend it, with a person of trust such as Cathy. I notice the change in my day to day and I’m also grateful for Cathy’s constant follow up and support

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